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Safety CDC Compliance affecting our phones & workflow

In order to protect you and our staff from the COVID-19, we are strictly complying with the CDC safety guidelines. We go above and beyond to implement and maintain all sanitary and safety protocols. Some of these protocols, such as respecting social distancing in our waiting rooms, medical and administrative offices do affect our regular processes, delays and appointments. We have implemented new methods of communications, to lessen the impact on our patients:

- Impact on our phones lines: Skip the wait, use our New secured online contact form

We are receiving a very high volume of calls, while we have to rotate our staff to keep them in safe distance from each other, it can result in a busy signal when you call us. Use our secured form to avoid waiting on the phone, you will receive a call back within 2 business days. Secured contact form

- Appointment in Telehealth Only (phone or video doctors’ appointments)

All scheduled appointments are actually phone or video appointments, using a secured HIPAA compliant system. We provide a safe way to talk to your doctor for your follow-ups and for your first appointments. By staying at home, you and our staff reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection. Leaving more space for some of our most vulnerable patients, which must see their providers in the clinic.

- Delays for in-clinic appointments for testing:

Because we must maintain social distancing, we strongly reduced the number of patients in the waiting room and staff in the medical office. In the meantime, our staff have increase the sanitary process. For this reason, it does increase our usual delays for echoes, TEE, and all other in-clinic appointments.

- Additional in-office processes:

If you have an appointment in office, we will ask that your wear a mask at all time, covering mouth and nose, and that you come to your appointment unaccompanied to help us reduce the risk of infection. You may be asked to wait in your car until the time of your appointment. Prior to your visit in person, you will be asked to fill-out a COVID-19 pre-screening form.

Of course, we do provide care to our patients with COVID-19. If it is your case, you will receive care from our providers either with a Telehealth visit or at the nearest hospitals.

We are in this together, as your medical team, we deploy every effort to keep you safe, and are working diligently to maintain the highest quality of care. We hope you will understand, that even with our best efforts these new situation will disturb our regular services, we are grateful for your understanding.

Your health and satisfaction is our priority!

If you feel you are not receiving the care or the service you deserve, please contact our Patient Care and satisfaction service via our secured form.


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