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COVID-19 -TeleHealth & Clinic protocol

CSMG Implements Telemedicine service for new and established patients.

Cardiology Specialists Medical Group is committed to the health and well-being of its patients. We are treating the urgency of reducing the spread of the Corona Virus in our Nation seriously.

During these extraordinary times, CSMG is open, and work on providing the safest, and best care for your patients. we will conduct most appointments via telemedicine. Our physicians will determine if a patient requires an in-clinic consultation, or additional tests in clinic depending of urgency.

Improvement of processes

During these time, we are working on developing online tools to help you get the care your patients need as easily and efficiently, as possible. You can find an electronic HIPAA compliant referral form in the tab "refer a patient".

We feel that communication is key, we encourage you subscribe to our provider mailing list to stay updated on any important news. Visit the section contact, to join our clinic supervisors, or Virginie Berthier if you need immediate information.


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