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Carotid or Vertebral Scan / Sonogram

A sonogram is a test that sends high pitched sound waves through your skin, and the echoes form a picture on a TV monitor. This test measures blood flow through your arteries. It is useful for locating blockages. This test is non-invasive (there is no penetration of the skin by needles, or anesthesia.).

Before the procedure:

There are no special preparations for this test.

During the test:

A water based gel is used to keep contact with the skin. The sound waves then produce a visual and sound image on a monitor. While the technician does the test he/she will be making a CD for your physician to watch. You may hear your heart beat and/or a whooshing sound as your blood flows.

After the test:

Your physician will follow up with you in a few days regarding the results from your test. If you have any questions or concerns before you test please feel free to call our staff at 951.352.3937 or send an email to

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